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Mirrors are a favorite tool of decorators who want to add space and dimension to any room or area. Bathroom mirrors can do the same while also making it convenient for you to perform your daily rituals that require your reflection. A medicine cabinet mirror which goes over the bathroom sink is perhaps the most commonly used type of mirror in the bathroom, simplifying practices like shaving for men and applying makeup for women. You can also use different styles and sizes of bathroom accent mirrors to reflect light and create more space in a bathroom that is otherwise too small and lacks sufficient natural light.

For larger bathrooms, our vanity mirrors make the perfect finishing touch to your vanity and other bathroom furnishings. Choose from a number of styles in either category of modern, antique, or transitional. Whether you are looking for the ideal medicine cabinet to perform double duty as a mirror or the smaller mirrors that will fit into a narrow space, our collection of bathroom mirrors includes everything you need to create a brighter, more functional bathroom. We also have corner medicine cabinets to go over your corner sink. You can trust Bath Kitchen and Beyond for the products you need to make your bathroom shine!


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14" Fresca Coda (FMC5082) White Corner Medicine Cabinet w/ Mirror Door

Our Price: $189.00
18" Fresca Coda (FMC5084) White Corner Medicine Cabinet w/ Mirror Door

Our Price: $209.00
19.75" Fresca (FMC8058) Small Bathroom Medicine Cabinet w/ Mirrors

Our Price: $239.00
19 Verona Petite Mirror by Ambella Home 08911-140-019

Our Price: $371.00
20 Cobre Petite Mirror by Ambella Home 17518-140-020

Our Price: $371.00
20 Jackson Small Mirror by Ambella Home 08936-140-020

Our Price: $280.00
22 Bayside Harbour Mirror by Ambella Home 08204-140-022

Our Price: $476.00
23.5" Fresca (FMC6124) Small Espresso Bathroom Medicine Cabinet w/ Small Bottom Shelf

Our Price: $249.00
23 Avalon Mirror by Ambella Home 08949-140-023

Our Price: $630.00
24  Angelo Vanity Mirror by Ambella Home 08952-160-001

Our Price: $630.00
24 Alexis Mirror by Ambella Home 08943-140-024

Our Price: $280.00
24 Radwin Mirror by Ambella Home 08973-140-024

Our Price: $371.00
24 Winslow Small Lighted Mirror by Ambella Home 06418-140-024

Our Price: $1001.00
26 Private Retreat Mirror by Ambella Home 06173-140-026

Our Price: $945.00
27  Nantucket Mirror by Ambella Home 08942-140-028

Our Price: $630.00
27  Preston Petite Mirror by Ambella Home 08207-140-028

Our Price: $840.00
28 Esperanza Mirror by Ambella Home 06639-140-028

Our Price: $1106.00
29.75" Fresca (FMC8090) Medium Bathroom Medicine Cabinet w/ Mirrors

Our Price: $299.00
29 Garbo Mirror by Ambella Home 06715-140-029

Our Price: $840.00
30" Ambella Home Meagan Mirror - 06004-140-030

Our Price: $287.00
30 Floral Ebony Mirror by Ambella Home 10408-140-030

Our Price: $392.00
30 Milano Mirror by Ambella Home 12531-140-030

Our Price: $945.00
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