Benefits to Installing a Steam Shower in Your Home


Homes should be sanctuaries for rest and relaxation. What better way to relax then to distress in a steam shower? Steam showers provide a variety of different health benefits as well as lasting homeowner investment perks. Here are some reasons to install a steam shower in your home.

Decongestion: Breathing in the steam from a steam shower can not only rehydrate a dry throat, but the hot wet air can also help open nasal passages, giving phlegm and other inflammation-causing congestion ample room to drain efficiently. Steam showers offer fantastic repertory relief, for clear sinuses and easier breathing.

Increased Metabolism: Sitting in the heat of a steam shower can also have positive digestive repercussions. Not only does sweating increase in a steam shower, reducing water weight and ridding the body of toxins, but these higher temperatures can also boost lymphatic function, which in turn increases metabolic rate. When your metabolism increases, your body processes food quicker throughout the day. Thus, steam showers not only drain what is currently inside your body at the time of the steam shower itself, but they can also help your body process calories faster all day long.

Clear Skin: Facialists have been using steam for years to open facial pores for easier extractions. The steam of a steam shower works the same way, opening pores to release congestion trapped deep within the skin. Steam then catalyzes sweat production, which brings pore-clogging dirt to the skin’s surface, positioning said dirt perfectly so that water can easily wash it away.

Stress Relief: Heat can work wonders on releasing clenched muscles. The heat of a steam shower can be very soothing, relaxing strained muscles for lasting relief. Sitting in a steam shower for as little as ten minutes can work wonders on a tense back or over-worked legs.

Home Resale Value: These days, potential homebuyers expect more when searching for their future home. However, when upgrading your home, it is important to consider which improvements will give your home the biggest bang for your buck. With its wide array of health benefits and respectively lower installation cost, adding a steam shower to your bathroom is a great upgrade to increase the resale value of your home and excite future buyers.

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Tips to Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level


Want to bring new life to your bedroom? Bored of the same bedroom? Then check out these awesome tips! They’ll add a different design to your bedroom, and give your room the makeover it desperately needs. So stop complaining, and check out these tips. These tips will help give your bedroom a whole new look and add some serious style.

  1. Pattern up your room – Patterns are a great way to add a splash of color to your room if it’s feeling bland. Don’t be afraid to get wild too! Simple plaids and polka dots aren’t cutting it? There are bamboo patterns, animal print, and many other cool styles. Make sure you plan it out so that you match the pattern all around you room. This will give your room an overall burst of energy when you walk in.
  2. Give walls some attention – In the bedroom, the walls seem to lose the attention. Don’t let that happen. Put up simple pieces that won’t take too much attention away from the room. Simple squares are a great way to accent a room without stealing the attention. You can also flip this on its head! Keep your bedding and furniture simple and let your wall do all of the impressing. Go big with huge patterns and bright color, supplement with a simple bed frame and neutral tones. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you give your walls some attention.
  3. Rugs can tie a room together – If space will allow for it, don’t be afraid to add a rug to your room. It can be the perfect accent that sets your whole vision off. The same rules apply when it comes to color. Make sure it accents the whole design you’re going for. You can even find a color that contrasts the overall color you’re going for and add some pop to your floor. The next thing to decide on is size. Your best bet would be choosing a smaller sized rug to go at the end of your bed, but if you’re the adventurous type, you can get a large rug that extends under your bed. You can have both ends pour out symmetrically for a nice touch, too!
  4. Layer colors for a better effect – Instead of worrying about the colors matching perfectly, you can just layer them. Layering colors gives your room more body and allows the color to completely fill the room. Having one color on everything will have your room feeling stiff and blank.

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3 Types of Bathtubs To Upgrade Your Home

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? A new tub can be a luxurious new addition to any home. Here are three different types of tubs that might suit your needs.

Free Standing Bath Tub
Many freestanding tubs have an iconic, retro look. If the homeowner’s tastes run to the old-fashioned or antique, a freestanding model, often with claw feet, can evoke feelings of older times. Freestanding tubs have other benefits besides their antique feel as well. This type of tub works well in a bathroom that doesn’t have an abundance of space. By placing the tub away from the walls, your bathroom will look more spacious and airy. Since the tub is up off the floor, the space beneath makes the tub appears lighter, as though it is floating in the air. Many freestanding tubs have a sculpted look you don’t find with wall-mounted units. They incorporate sloping edges and may have one end higher than the other. This allows for a relaxing soak in deeper water.

Corner Tubs
Though not as typically deep as freestanding tubs, a corner tub has its own distinct advantages, particularly when it comes to décor. You can turn your bathroom into your own personal retreat with just a bit of decorating, especially if you choose to install a corner bathtub that offers you a bit of space around the edges to hold decorative items. For example, plants are some great decorative items that can enhance the area around the tub and make it look even bigger than it is. Naturally, as with any bathtub, you’ll want to keep your hygiene products close by, but you can use those as decorative items, as well. Simply transfer your body wash, bath salts, bubble bath, and any other liquids into a decorative container. Place candles sporadically around the area to give relaxing lighting to the area.

 Whirlpool Bathtubs
If you’re looking for the full spa experience in the comfort of your own home, you might want to seriously consider installing a whirlpool bathtub. The whirlpool jets give you an invigorating experience that you can’t get from a traditional bathtub. Spending time in a whirlpool bathtub also has health benefits. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve overall circulation and even help your skin.Another convenient aspect of the whirlpool bathtub is that it is available in many different colors and styles, making it incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing décor.

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What your Office Décor Says about You

There are a few different ways to communicate non-verbally with your clients and employees that you mean business. From the clothing you wear, to the grip of your handshake to your office décor, it all speaks volumes about you.

A bookshelf filled with books says you read a lot and really know what you’re talking about. It could 3also mean you have a lot of books but don’t really read… no one said what your office exudes has to be 100% true!

A wooden floor with a rug can make a client in your office feel more at home, like they’re safe and comfortable. Even a chair can set the mood in your office. One chair may give off a ‘I’m the boss, don’t bother me’ vibe, while other chairs say, ‘I’m always open to hear your life story.’

Your desk, perhaps most importantly, also sets the tone. A small generic desk says you’re either not that valuable to the company, or you aren’t at your desk often, while a 60 inch wooden desk says you do something important and others come here to get business done.

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Your Kitchen And Bathroom:


Must Have Upgrades to Improve the Value of Your Home In today’s competitive real estate market, you can’t afford not to update your kitchen or bathroom with the features home buyers now demand for their contemporary lifestyles. The good news? When you work with Bath, Kitchen and Beyond, you’ll find affordable prices on all the luxury products that add immediate value to your home’s worth and desirability. Not selling? Then consider these features your gift to yourself and your family! These are the details that improve the quality of everyday life, and add beauty to your living environment. Consider our Fresca Wenge Brown bathroom linen side cabinet with 2 glass shelves. Coordinating perfectly with a Wenge Brown vanity, it adds an elegant storage alternative to your bathroom without cluttering up much needed floor space. With sleek modern lines and yet a classic construction, it’s the perfect accessory for storing towels, extra beauty products or even candles for your bath. While relatively inexpensive and simple to install, it conveys a sense of the high end decor found in the most sophisticated design magazines and showcase homes. For the kitchen, what about our Cavaliere-Euro Range hood? Available from Bath, Kitchen and Beyond for only a fraction of the retail price you’d find at other appliance and furniture showrooms, it’s a dramatic focal point and useful appliance for any range and kitchen. Made from the finest stainless steel, illuminated with halogen lights and accompanied by a 1 year parts warranty, it’s a must have for anyone who wants their kitchen to become truly the emotional center of their home.

Porcelain Vanity Tops, Ariel Whirlpool Tubs and More!


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Spend Less Without Sacrificing Quality!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your bathroom look luxurious, chic and show room-worthy. You can find an array of amazing discount bathroom vanities when you shop online. Your vanity is the star of the bathroom, so take some time to choose one that is both stylish and affordable. You won’t blow your whole budget on one item, and you’ll still get a great centerpiece for the room.

Discount vanity units aren’t always what you might expect. There are many different discount models available that can add beauty to your bathroom without taking a chunk out of your wallet. Many of these vanities are just as sturdy and beautiful as their more expensive counterparts. Your guests will never know that you didn’t spend a fortune to create a luxurious bathroom. You can use the money you saved to purchase new towels, rugs and accessories for the room.

The key to choosing the right discounted vanity is to find one that is made from sturdy materials. Look for hardwood construction and hinged doors. Your vanity is going to have to withstand years of use and abuse, so choosing one that is made from the best materials will prevent you from having to buy a replacement down the road.

Discount vanities offer you a way to create a beautiful, elegant bathroom you can enjoy for years to come, without having to spend a fortune. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, or just upgrading your vanity, discounted models are perfect for your home and your budget.

Welcome Spring with a New Bathroom

As the cold dark days of winter go away, you may feel the urge to make some changes in your home to welcome the sunshine of spring. One area of the home that you may consider renovating or redecorating is the bathroom.  New vanities, showers and flooring are just a few of the options to look at.  You can go for a redecoration project or a full renovation. Spring is just around the corner, so start planning your project now.

If your goal is to let the light in, you may consider adding or enlarging a window. Corner tubs are a great addition to the bathroom for luxury and relaxation. These tubs also make a good focal point in a corner, especially if there is a bay window in the bathroom. The window treatments you choose can really pull the look together.

Painting the walls, adding a bright rug, and changing the tile can brighten up your bathroom and make it feel like spring. Choosing a spring-like theme for your shower curtain, rugs and hand towels gives you a taste of warmer days and sunshine. Look for dragonflies, flowers or pastel colors. This also makes it easy for you to change out accessories and give your bathroom a whole new look any time throughout the year, without doing major renovations.

Whether you choose to completely renovate your bathroom with new vanities, tub and flooring this spring, or simply redecorate using rugs, toilet covers, towels and curtains, now is the time. Welcome spring into your home with a brand new look for your bathroom.

About Contemporary Bathrooms and Modern Vanities

The bathroom vanity is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy for your bathroom. Not only is it one of the most visually accessible accessories in the bathroom, it is also one of the most functionally important. The choice of vanity you make will affect you and your family for many years. Choosing the right style can make it easy to get ready for work or school every morning. Choosing the wrong vanity can complicate your routine or lead to design issues in the bathroom. Modern bathroom vanities are designed with both beauty and functionality in mind.

Contemporary bathrooms are those defined by clean style and bright colors. Modern vanities complement this décor exquisitely. Often, these rooms feature designs that are minimalist, and utilize glass and chrome as materials of construction. That isn’t to say that an equally delightful vanity of hardwood cabinetry would not work just as well. It really is a matter of personal taste.

Contemporary bathrooms often make good use of white light and highly reflective surfaces. The combination creates the illusion of greater space and openness, as well as provides extra lighting by means of the reflective surfaces. Fixtures are often simple in design, with clean and elegant lines. Bathrooms with a lot of wood trim and cabinetry do not always work well with the contemporary motif, but you can still give your room a modern look with the right vanity.

Modern bathroom vanities are good for more than just a functional space in your bathroom. They should create a decorative center in the room that reflects your personality. Your bathroom should reflect the unique aspects of your personal taste and your home décor theme.

Reasons to Want a Freestanding Bathtub

Designing a bathroom for a new home or a major remodeling project is often centered on the bathtub. It sets the tone for the rest of the room. Buying a new tub gives you a chance to select a centerpiece for the room. The rest of the décor can be built around the tub. Other design elements, such as space, placement of windows and doors in the room, and whether or not the bathroom will incorporate shower facilities also come into play. So what are the reasons to choose freestanding bathtubs in a new bathroom?

This type of tub works well in a bathroom that doesn’t have an abundance of space. By placing the tub away from the walls, the room looks more spacious and airy. Since the tub is up off the floor, the space beneath makes the tub appears lighter, as though it is floating in the air.

Many freestanding tubs have a sculpted look you don’t find with wall-mounted units. They incorporate sloping edges and may have one end higher than the other. This allows for a relaxing soak in deeper water.

The look can also be nostalgic. If the homeowner’s tastes run to the old-fashioned or antique look, a freestanding model, often with claw feet, can evoke feelings of older times. Freestanding bathtubs add drama and elegance to the bathroom. They can be paired with everything from roughhewn stone to marble, tile and chandeliers. The décor can be so lavish that you may be tempted to leave the door open.

When you choose a new tub for your bath, consider whether or not a freestanding model will work for you.